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About Me



As a digital 3D artist, I am continuously researching and upgrading my skills to fuel my passion for creative 3D digital environments and asset development, and to prepare myself for the many challenging opportunities that are emerging within the evolving and rapidly changing gaming industry.


As a graduate of Niagara College Canada’s Advanced Diploma in Game Development, I recognize the value in lifelong education and professional development. I strive to stay current and ahead of the curve within the industry to provide considerable value to everyone that I work with.


I believe a solid work ethic is easier when you truly love what you do, which explains the countless hours I spend in front of the computer experimenting with new approaches, techniques and problem solving for optimal results.


 I have gained great experience from the various companies I have worked with which has helped me better understand the different areas of the industry and to further build my skills and career.  For example, China’s increasing interest and involvement in the gaming industry has prompted me to learn Mandarin as an additional skill allowing me to take advantage of international opportunities.

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