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Sharp End Studio

Valiant Effort

Valiant Effort is currently in production and plans to release sometime in 2020. 

I am working on creating modular buildings and assets along with tileable texture sheets.

Stoolfeather Games

Unity Asset Store

In the Low Poly Series: Jungle, I created the models for

plants and trees (moss not included).

I have also done work on creating models for an

unreleased Low Poly Series

Phantom Compass

Auto Age: Standoff

In Auto Age: Standoff I worked on creating damage states  for multiple vehicles at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

For the damage states of the vehicles i used soft selection and the sculpting brush tools in 3ds max to bend, warp and break pieces  of the vehicles. The pieces i modified the most where areas that were more exposed to incoming fire or collision from other vehicles.

I reused the damage states and built on them to make sure the damage was building up in the same general areas to avoid continuity issues.

Red Meat Games

First Impact: Rise of a Hero

In First Impact: Rise of a Hero, I was responsible for updating,

recreating and retopologizing existing models in

the game. There were game assets that were more stylized and cartoonish while others were more realistic and practical. I worked to unify assets such as buildings, props and vehicles under a single art style working solely with the models.

Throwback Entertainment

Unannounced Project

I worked on creating various props and environments in the above unannounced project

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